Louis Mao - Buyer

Shirley is the best real estate agent I have ever met. She is referred to us by our friend and we fall in love with her "always want to help" mind set. We are a mediocre home buyer with minimum knowledge about real estate and neither have a lot of time. She helped us a lot by reading the details of disclosure for us and finding out the problems as well as giving us good suggestions. Some problems are big but most of the problems are small but it could lead to an unknown disaster. We listened to her and learned. She helped us to communicate with seller agents and negotiate the prices as well as asking for missing key information. We made some offers but failed and she kept the positive spirits among us in order to move us forward. Finally, we've found our perfect home, with most of the things we wanted and also at a reasonable price. She spent a tremendous amount of time with us through our entire house hunt journey and we gained a lot of real estate knowledge from her. I felt that she even treated us like her own family with love and care throughout the entire time. She even goes above and beyond and still helps us after we purchased the house answering many questions and giving suggestions. We are blessed to have her as our real estate agent just acting like a guardian angel to us. We will recommend her to all our friends and families if they need help on real estate."

Ben Chan -Seller

Shirley helped me buy my home, and I was so happy with how she helped out that I called her when I wanted to sell.
When selling my home, I had an extremely limited amount of time and was really busy during that period. Shirley went far and beyond what I felt a realtor typically does: helped me source a contractor to touch up the place, provided recommendations on home upgrades, communicated with me remotely on various seller documents, oversaw the renovations, staged the home, took photos, placed TV and various advertisements, helped collect missing parking passes to ensure a smooth transaction and so on. In total, she bought me a ton of time - which I value immensely. She should be a role model to others in her profession.
Shirley's care and attention to detail, effort in doing up the house, and market knowledge helped me secure an offer $50k above a similar unit that had closed just 2 months before.
I can't recommend working with Shirley highly enough.


We chose Shirley as our buyer agent as one of our best friends referred her. Just as our friend described:
Shirley is knowledgable and professional. Being 15 years on house market, Shirley can always be able to answer your questions, give you professional advice etc. She always help us go through every details in the disclosure and discussed with us about pros and cons etc. You will be surprised by her patience and her professionals. Especially for my boyfriend and I, we has been hunting in the market for almost a year. Shirley never pushed us or gave us any pressure on that. Instead, she is just as nice as we first met.
Shirley is very responsive. Shirley can always reply our messages once she got a chance. Also, she is always reachable if you gave her a call.
For us, Shirley is not just an agent. We treat Shirley as one of our families. She treated customer's interest as her first priority. Shirley carefully review any documents which are related to us in case we might miss or get in a bad situation. We cannot get our dream house without her help. We want to say 'Thank you' as well.
You will not regret to have Shirley help you find your dream house!


Shirley is very patient and knowledgeable with Real Estate Sell/Buy. She has helped us on real estate for years. She is a professional with passion and carefulness. She know all the details very well and give us valuable advice. If anyone ask me to suggest a real estate agent, I will highly recommend her.

Smiti - Buyer

Shirley is a superb realtor, negotiator, and a wonderful person. She has an impressive level of local knowledge, ability to get things done well, and incredibly responsive to all her clients and other agents. She genuinely wants to get the right home for all her clients at a great price. She has an extremely good relationship with great photographers, stagers, and handymen that are crucial to help you sell your house. We bought a fixer upper with her help, and sold it for 200k over asking! We highly recommend her.

Chien Hui-Seller

I have worked with Shirley on two of our investment properties - one in San Jose and one in Menlo Park over the period of 2+ yrs. She represents well professional knowledge in those areas and keen on researching the current market trend for us to make profitable suggestions. She is also very responsive and patient for every little inquiry that I made, explaining in objective details of the pros and cons. More, she continues to respond my inquiries even we have closed the deal and sold the houses already, providing excellent service. It is hard to find an honest and responsible realtor as most people would claim. However, I can assure you that Shirley not only possesses professional capabilities but also ethical manner towards her job. Plus she is a senior realtor who owns many certificates and qualifications. I highly recommend her whether you are purchasing houses for your home living or investment purpose. You are very lucky to find her as your realtor I would say that from my heart.

Amy S - Buyer

We are very lucky to have Shirley as our agent for home purchase. She is not only a professional and experienced expert in the real estate field, but also more like our sincere friend to always give useful suggestions on our side. She never pushed us to recklessly offer a price, and always helped us thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of the property. Every time when I wrote email to Shirley for help, she was very responsive to get back to me instantly. Even after closing, Shirley still kept giving us much help and suggestions on moving and modeling arrangement. We are grateful for all the help Shirley offered to us in the whole process. We would highly recommend Shirley without any hesitation.

Mike A- Seller

Shirley just sold my condo in Milpitas. Closed faster then I thought it would. Shirley sincerely shows that she cares for her clients. What I liked about Shirley is that she was very efficient in keeping me up to date with the process of selling my property from the beginning until the final signing. Definitely recommend her for any real estate needs.
Mike Ayala


My friend recommended Shirley to me. At the time, we had already visited many open houses for 2 months but we did find the one we liked. She gave my wife and I the impression as a very knowledgeable and reliable realtor. Within a few days, she helped us find the property we liked in Sunnyvale. She also communicated with the listing agent several times to make everything go smoothly.
After we got the property, she also recommended contractors to help us fix various issues.
In short, both my wife and I think she is a very professional and reliable realtor. We would highly recommend her to everyone!

Jeff Zhou - Buyer

I met Shirley in an open house she host, and she gave me the impression as an honest, reliable, and very knowledgeable realtor. Later on I asked her to be my agent … and she provided a great service to help me found and purchased my first house. Shirley consistently gave me sound advice based upon her past experience and history which allowed me to make the best decisions. Being a first time home buyer and very busy with my own work, I thought all the paperwork/process of buying a house could be stressful task. However Shirley is always very patient and comforting. She is very organized and remind me every details and deadlines along the way. This helps me tremendously.
Thank you Shirley for your great help.


We gotta give our heartfelt thank you to Shirley. We were working with another agent before we met Shirley. At the time that we were looking to buy our first home, it is a very competitive market and our first agent would only ask us to bid 20% up for everything. In contrary, Shirley use her experience and local knowledge to help us made a successful bid with a good price.
She also go out and help us to negotiate with seller to put down more protection for us. And I found Shirley is pretty resourceful, there are times that the lender would come up a urgent requirement. She would able to gave us the contact and co-ordinate to get things done in the same day.
Highly recommend her. Cannot imagine what would happen if we stick with the first agent we met. Feel so lucky to have her help us for our first home purchase!

Enoch W - Seller

12 years ago as a young professional out of college with limited credit, Shirley helped me purchase the condo at 999 Evelyn Terrace as my first home. Now as a married man with a family, it was only natural to seek out Shirley again to help us sell our condo. Though 12 years had passed, Shirley has not missed a beat at all! She was with us from start to finish in the selling process, from arranging all of the repair details, appliance replacements and staging for sale. We were in constant communication as the condo went up for sale and Shirley kept us up to date with all of the paperwork details as well as market conditions. We could not have entrusted our home to a better agent than Shirley, who explained every detail to us through the process, and ardently defended our interest and integrity in the sale with the buyer agent and the Homeowners Association. It has been a pleasure for us to not only call Shirley our realtor but also a family friend, and definitely would recommend her to anyone in the South Bay area!

Jie Chao- Buyer

Shirley did an excellent job for finding the best home for us. Shirley was very
knowledgable, providing a great guidance and education for the first time buyer like
us. Shirley always listened to our opinions, and took them into the serious
consideration. She put herself in our's position, and gave the best suggestions to us.
Shirley never pushed us, and she gave us enough room for making our own decision.
We really appreciate her help during this journey.

Dara Chhit - Buyer

Shirley was excellent at helping my wife and I, first time home buyers, close on a
great condo. She has good knowledge of the market and consulted us throughout
the entire buying process, especially during the bidding against four other. She had
our interests in mind and never pressured us to do anything we were not
comfortable with. We’re extremely pleased with our purchase. Highly recommended.

Brian & Lisa White - Sellers

Shirley is the best!! There are three things you look for in a realtor; competency, integrity, and work ethic.

Shirley rates an A Plus in all three areas. She knows the job, she knows the markets, and she is a smart negotiator! She is a person of high integrity... she tells you the truth and does the right thing in all circumstances. And Shirley works!! She doesn't rest until her clients' best deal is realized.
We're glad we found Shirley!!
p.s. I almost forgot... Shirley is also a pleasure to work with!!

Amy H - Buyer

Shirley was my friend's buyer agent and my friend recommended her to us. Then we have Shirley as the buyer's agent of us. Shirley helped us get our dream home at good price. She is very knowledgable, resourceful and reliable. She acted in the best interests of us. I highly recommend Shirley.

Lisa Sousae, MA REALTOR, SRES - Senior Real Estate Specialist

Hi Shirley,
you do get an A + for communication and your clients are very lucky to have you. Most agents aren't nearly as quick at responding in this market. I appreciate it and if other agents don't express it I'm sure they are appreciative too.

Jeffrey B - Seller

I recently sold my home. From this experience, I learned that selling home needs a lot of diligence, careful planning, and right strategies in order to get things right. Researching the house market, fixing and staging home, setting the right price, screening potential buyers, negotiating deals, and completing the escrow process are some of the crucial phases.

If these are not done correctly, you might end up overspending or even worse, getting a bad deal.
Having an experienced and skillful agent is a must.

Shirley was my agent and she is that perfect agent who is very well qualified to do all of those tasks.
She is very experienced, kind, diligent, and dependable. She is very detail oriented in doing every task.
She works very quickly. Got my house staged properly, listed on the market, and received multiple offers with record sales in that area.
More impressively, the whole process was done while I was overseas. Yet she set up everything that made it very easy for me to handle via internet.
Everything went very smoothly and flawlessly from day one until everything completed.
I cannot recall any single glitch or even the slightest problem at any time.
I am extremely satisfied with her performance and very grateful to have her as my agent.
I highly recommend Shirley to everyone.

Lobo Family - Sellers and Buyers

When we started our house searching process, we did not know where to start. Whether to sell the first house or rent it out. I knew Shirley Mahashin, we had met in one of her open houses sometime back. I spoke with Shirley and she immediately started sending us emails of different house options to look at.

Shirley guided us throughout the process; from bank loan, to selling our old house, to buy the new one, which required good coordination and quick movements between selling our previous house and buying the new house. Shirley's experience in the field and her honest advice, her guidance and her suggestions helped us make the right choice.

I would highly recommend Shirley Mahashin as a real estate agent for many reasons. The most
important of these reasons would be her commitment to her clients, her flexibility, honesty, and understanding the needs of her clients.

Jan Shaw - Buyer

Shirley worked with my family for 6 months. We needed a new home in the Cupertino Elementary school district. We averaged seeing 3-5 homes per weekend and she never tried to rush us or "talk us" into anything. Our taste and needs were very specific. She helped us find the perfect home at a great price.
We were honored to work with her and her partner for 6 months and couldn't be happier with our new home. She fought hard to help us get the home we wanted and continued to be our advocate throughout the entire process. She's also given us great leads for termite work, flooring, etc.

Loida C. Kirkley, CCIM - Seller

Dear Shirley,
I have been involved in all aspects of real estate and have been quite successful as a RE Developer, CA Broker, and syndicator. I have brokered properties myself and was in fact a Coldwell Banker associate in the past; please recall that I met you at the CB branch in Sunnyvale. At that time, you were an aspiring agent. As such, I have seen in you a great potential with your perseverance, smartness, and love for the profession, among others.
My life has been overwhelmingly busy in the last 7 years doing RE development and had been thinking of selling my residence at 150 West Edith. I hardly have time for anything personal and so my problem was: who is that most qualified, competitive, trustworthy, intelligent, market-strategy-oriented, capable, ethical etc. that could market my residence?
It was you - Shirley - that came to mind. And indeed, you exceeded my expectations! Am grateful to you for selling my home for far more than the asking price and making the selling process that I thought was really tedious seem easy using your professional experience. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Realtor for Life.

Bindu M - Buyer

Shirley Mahashin is a fantastic real estate agent. Her integrity and high personal standards make her a very rare person in this field. She places the interest of her client in getting a home that the client is happy at the top. Unlike many real estateagents I have dealt with, who want to "close" and move on, Shirley acts in your best interest, advising you of her opinion of whether a property would or would not best meet your interests, even if it means a quick sale and commission for you.

She is not pushy like many real estate agents, but at the same time, she advises you honestly about market conditions. I whole-heartedly recommend Shirley Mahashin as an outstanding real agent to anyone. I would be delighted to get her services again.

Miao Zhao - Buyer

We are very lucky to have Shirley as our agent for home purchase. She is not only a professional and experienced expert in the real estate field, but also more like our sincere friend to always give useful suggestions on our side. She never pushed us to recklessly offer a price, and always helped us thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of the property. Every time when I wrote email to Shirley for help, she was very responsive to get back to me instantly. Even after closing, Shirley still kept giving us much help and suggestions on moving and modeling arrangement.

We are grateful for all the help Shirley offered to us in the whole process. We
would highly recommend Shirley without any hesitation.

Don Vu- Seller

To Ms. Mahashin's Manager,
I just want to express my gratitude to Ms. Mahashin for assisting me in selling my house. She was very responsive to my needs and kept me informed of all the developments throughout the process, from the beginning to after the sell. Since I work late, she would meet me in the evenings if I needed to sign papers, and she would meet with the contractor, stager, appraiser, and termite inspector during the day on behalf of my interests. Ms. Mahashin stayed on task with the buyer's agent and lender to ensure that closing would occur timely. In fact, we closed 35 days after the house was listed.
I'm very pleased with all the hard work and dedication that Ms. Mahashin exhibited, which I believed attributed to the quick sale of the house. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to my friends or anyone who is looking to sell their house.

Benedict C /Buyer

Shirley helped me buy my first home. She treated me like a family member when we looked for a house. In a fast-paced real estate environment in Sunnyvale during the spring, she was patient with me even though I took 3months+ to settle on a house.

Throughout the process she would do the homework and find great candidate homes, even visiting some of them before taking up my time. For each home, she would help with the due diligence as well after I indicated interest. This is a stark difference compared to another broker I tried in the past that was just interested in pushing for a sale.

Her knowledge of the closing process and industry expertise helped close my transaction smoothly and with very minimal work to do. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a personal touch.

R. Huynh /Buyer and Seller

Shirley Mahashin is a great Realtor and my husband and I would highly recommend her. We truly felt that Shirley listened to our needs and wants for a new home. Her job was incredibly challenging, given the conditions of the current Bay Area housing market. She patiently worked with us for months to help us find not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood in Menlo Park. She also offered terrific recommendations for lenders, contractors, and movers.

We are 100% satisfied with our experience with Shirley. She was extremely attentive and always responsive when we had questions or wanted to see different homes. She's an extremely hard worker and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her clients are happy!

Bill Chow - Seller

As sellers of a home in Sunnyvale, we feel very lucky to have selected Shirley Mahashin at Coldwell Banker as our agent to assist us in selling our house.Coldwell Banker is really a prestigious Residential Brokerage that we can count on.

We attributed the success and smooth sailing of our transaction to Shirley Mahashinrsquo;s highest level of professional service. During the selling process, whenever problems arose, be they big or small, Shirley would go to the greatest length to proactively and tirelessly contact the parties involved to solve the matters. Shirley not only advised us and suggested various reasonable and constructive way-outs to any issues, but she also negotiated the win-win solutions for both sellers and buyers. In short, Shirleylsquo;s hard work and professional attitude are the strong foundation for the smooth sailing of the transaction under current mortgage and buyer's market situation.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to Shirley for her honesty and dedication to her clients.


Appreciation Letter from Malu & Manolo

Hi Shirley,
First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for representing us in this transaction.
We are extremely pleased with your very efficient service. From the beginning pointing us to the opportunity of buying an REO, guiding us through the process, being always there to answer our questions, concerns, and even helping us to promptly get inspections, estimates for fixing work, keeping us informed of every single step in the process, sending us reminders of what we needed to do, chasing our lender, and all the actions that throughout the whole process you did in a VERY efficient way.

We really enjoyed working with you and your kindness and flexibily to meet us whenever and wherever it was convenient for us made things much easier. One thing that we particularly appreciate is that we always had the feeling that you REALLY CARED for the best for us. You never pushed us, and actually you helped us to keep our offer at a good level so that it resulted in a good investment for us. Moreover, you were always on top of every single detail so that we had the confidence that we were in very good hands.
In brief, we were thrilled by your service and without any doubt we will recommend you to any friend and colleague that is in search for a home.
Many thanks again and also for the very nice and thoughtful gesture of the escrow closing gift.
With our great and sincere appreciation and gratitude,

--Malu (on behalf of Manolo and myself) /Buyer


I just bought a house last month with Shirley as my agent. She is one of the most helpful and professional agents I have ever encountered. Whenever I had any questions, she would always be available to help me answer them. At every step of the way, she was there for me. Even after the house closed, I was still able to go to her with questions. She treated buying the house like she would have if she were buying her own home. I highly recommend Shirley for her dedication and expertise!

D Ojeda-Seller

Dear Prospective Client,
If you are looking for an agent who can make things happen and will deliver results then, Shirley Mahashin is an agent that I strongly recommend that you hire. Shirley, will immediately put her extensive experience and network to work for you whether you are buying or selling a house.
I have come to know Shirley as a true professional who you can trust to have your best interest in mind. Shirley, will keep you informed through every step of the process and will deliver results to your satisfaction.

D Ojeda /Seller

Jeff Chiang-Buyer & Seller

Shirley is fantastic, professional, and ethical agent. She has been a great help in buying and selling my condo. She has made it less stressful in both transactions and took care of me like a family with best interest.
I just hope she does not retire before I have a chance to get her service again !
Jeff Chiang

Janet & Greg-Buyers

Dear Shirley,
Thank you for all of the opportunities you gave us to find the best match for our heart's desire. We look forward to getting to share with you its new looks /common/RichTextEditor/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Images/emsmile.gif
Janet & Greg